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Beauty room for Microblading/Brow artist

Where to start. Microblading Room

Before opening your own business it’s important to take into consideration local rules, and regulations. Making a safe and clean working environment is crucial when it goes about any beauty business.

permanent makeup room, microblading room
photo by: Perspectiva design studio

As a new Permanent Makeup artist - studio owner you can shape your business however you see the best fit. But You might be asking yourself a question where to start and how to create a safe and chic permanent makeup studio that everyone would love to visit!

Even though local rules and regulations are different from state to state, however they all have something in common. For example in the state of Tennessee room for permanent makeup must not have any carpets (the floors have to be smooth for easy cleaning).

Walls and ceilings, including doors, windows, skylight, and similar closures shall be constructed of smooth, nonabsorbent, durable material and be maintained in good repair. All areas should be kept clean and well maintained.

If you would think about your ideal room what it would be? Imagine yourself inside of the balloon with smooth floors, ceilings, and walls. Minimum furniture and decor items. I feel like the worst thing you can do is overdo with decor items when it almost looks like it’s a storage room full of clutter and dust. Simplicity is the key.

Furniture in Permanent Makeup Room

When it goes about furniture in the Permanent Makeup room health department requires smooth and easy to clean surfaces.

Non-tattooing or operational surfaces. Surfaces of equipment not intended as operational surfaces, but which are exposed to splash or debris or which otherwise require frequent cleaning, shall be designed and fabricated to be smooth, washable, free of unnecessary ledges, projections, or crevices, and readily accessible for cleaning. Such surfaces shall be of material and in such repair as to be easily maintained in a clean and sanitary condition."

In my studio, the solution was to use a dental tray as my working station during the procedure. This simple trick helps to keep my working area clean and well organized. Also from a sanitation standpoint dental tray is super easy to clean, all the materials that I am going to touch during the procedure will be simply disposed after the Microblading procedure.

Color in Permanent Makeup room

Dark walls, heavy drapery, and dark furniture is not doing Permanent makeup beauty space any favors. Sometimes the smallest, most pitiful space just needs a breath of fresh air. It was said before and I will repeat again, never underestimate the power of the right color and good quality paint. Choosing the right colors for your Microblading/Permanent makeup room is an often overlooked aspect that may make a huge difference, not only in general appearance but also might directly affect the revenue of your future business.

There are hundreds of new Microblading and Permanent makeup studios and salons opening every day. It’s getting harder and harder to make the right first impression as clients get more “spoiled”. Clients of any beauty business are increasingly demanding not only higher standards for the service at the right price, but also pay attention to the level of comfort and environment the beauty space has to offer.

Did you know that there is such a thing as Color Psychology?! Yes, and it’s very important if you want your Permanent makeup room to be the best in your area keep reading…

In order to make Color Psychology work, you need to know your ideal client. If you don’t know how to find your ideal client yet, you can check my other article about: Know your Clients. Grow your Permanent makeup Empire.

Know Your ideal Client

it’s very important to know your ideal client. For example: if your audience young girls age between 18-25, your interior design has to be more colorful, with cute, trendy decor."

The number one rule is: the salon must be a comfortable, welcoming place where your client can relax. The more relaxed your client is the less you need to do to make your client happy. All our clients have their lives, troubles and exhausting work schedules. A beauty salon is an ideal place to relieve stress, relax after a hectic day/week/month. Therefore the environment of your studio has to adapt to the type of clientele to make them as comfortable as possible.

Important! This environment are going to be different based on a person. That’s why it’s very important to know your ideal client. For example: if your audience young girls age between 18-25, your interior design has to be more colorful, with cute, trendy decor.

Microblading room, permanent makeup studio
photo by: Perspectiva design studio

Get Inspired

Let’s dive into Color psychology so:

Bright colors in the interior such as red: will immediately raise the heart rate, as well as release chemicals that are commonly generated during high energy spikes and aggression. Meaning bright, and bold colors are not the best choice for the permanent makeup studio.

“When it goes about Color Psychology in your Permanent Makeup studio you should avoid Bright Colors, as the goal is to relax the client.

Let’s make a little experiment look at these 3 pictures. How do you feel about each of them

Would you agree that the beige, neutral room feels more welcoming and calming?

That’s because different shades of yellow will trigger the release of serotonin. This hormone is associated with the feeling of joy, tranquility, and peace.

Please let me know in the comments if you like this kind of article. What other topics you would like me to cover?


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