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Tiny Tattoos is a new Microblading

Isn’t it frustrating that there's more and more competition in the permanent makeup industry? New artists starting their microblading and permanent makeup businesses all the time... it’s getting more and more difficult to get new clients AND charge premium prices.

Today it's all about being unique!

Tiny Tattoo "Bolt"
Tiny Tattoo by @tinytattooqueen

The moment I set my business apart from the competition and became the first salon in the area that started offering a hot new, high paying service, other artists and advertising expenses disappeared. Today we will talk about Tiny Tattoos. Tiny Tattoos are small, delicate tattoos that are created with precise linework and you can do them as a PMU artist!

Beauty Buzz contacted Victoria Love, owner and trainer of Feather Touch Academy, which is also the first Tiny Tattoo Studio in USA. Keep reading for Victoria's success story and how tiny tattoos helped her to boost her career of Permanent Makeup artist. In the end Victoria will share her personal techniques on how you can join this movement in permanent makeup industry.

Tiny Tattoos is a new Microblading

“Microblading was a new thing back in 2018. Now market is ready for a new "thing". ”

When I am referring to Tiny Tattoos as a new thing I mean it really is. A lot of my clients said that they don't want another "traditional size" tattoo after their tiny tattoo. The problem is there are not a lot of places that would offer the service of tiny tattoos. The reason why I started offering fine line tattoos was my personal desire to get one myself. However after months of research I could not find a single artist near me (I mean 1000 miles near). So I learned how to it myself.

When I started offering tiny tattoos it was such a relief. I never had a problem advertising my brow services, but in the past 2 years it got more difficult. It's also harder to keep the premium prices for Microblading as there is more and more artists

Brows and Tiny tattoos

When I started offering tiny tattoos I was not sure what is going to be the reaction. My brow clients were older ladies and I had a fear that they stop trusting me if I would start doing body tattoos. But to my greatest surprise after a few posts of my new, cute service my DM exploded!! 🔥🔥

People started asking for custom pieces, paw prints of their pets and handwritten notes by their loved ones. My new service did not need any advertisement. In the first week I instantly got booked for month ahead and the main thing I was not as tired.

The beauty of tiny tattoos is that they don't require as much time as permanent makeup. Their is no need to pre-map, numb or touch up. Most of the tiny tattoos are done during 1 short 15-20 minute session and the price ranges between $100-$200.

Tiny Tattoos have become the great addition to my existing PMU business as 99,9% of my Microblading clients are women, just like for tiny tattoos. 😉 So both services targeting the same people who are interested either in Tiny Tattoos or Brows services. It's a win - win.

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